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Assaults and Threats

An assault conviction can have a serious impact on employment, travel, and families. Put your best foot forward with experienced counsel.

Assaults, threats, and criminal harassment are some of the most common offences charged in Canada. They range in seriousness, from a minor verbal or physical fight in a bar, to very serious pre-meditated assaults causing significant injury to another person. The circumstances of the individual charged and what is alleged to have occurred will also dictate the range of defences and sentences available for each type of offence.


A variety of defences may be available to you, including consensual fight and self-defence. Since these matters are often based on ‘he said, she said’ information, it is crucial for your side of the story to be presented in a concise, relevant manner. That is where our experienced criminal defence lawyers can help. Having assisted individuals facing charges ranging from minor incidents to major offences, our lawyers have the knowledge and experience necessary to ensure your defence is heard and your rights are protected.


Our approach is to examine your case from every angle and to hear your side of the story to determine what options are available to you. After consulting with you and reviewing your disclosure, we will develop your unique strategic defence. Whether your matter is resolved or results in litigation, our lawyers will ensure you are fully prepared each step of the way.  




When an assault is alleged to occur between a partner or another family member, a special unit of prosecutors may deal with your matter from beginning to end, in consultation with victim services agencies. Through victim services agencies, the Complainant may present information to the prosecutor about your background, and their preference for how your charges proceed through the Court system.


These types of charges can cause complete upheaval in your life. They are often coupled with no-contact orders with not only the Complainant, but also children and other witnesses who may have been present. You may also be prevented from returning to your home, going to your children’s school, or other family member’s residences or places of work.


Due to the inherent complexities in family matters, you need a strong legal advocate to guide you through your options, and best present your side in Court. We have been successful in obtaining acquittals, the withdrawal or stay of proceedings of criminal charges, peace bonds, and discharges in hundreds of cases involving domestic assault allegations.

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