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With strict timelines and increasingly complex requirements, having a lawyer on your side during an administrative application or appeal is your key to a successful outcome.

Administrative tribunals originated as a means of increasing access to justice. Fundamentally, access to justice requires merely a means for an affected party to engage with a process for dispute resolution. Administrative tribunals are intended to be quicker, cheaper, more efficient and less complex than pursuing legal action through the courts and usually allow for parties to self-represent.


The ability to appear before a tribunal may not, by itself, mean the process is fair and "justice" accessible because, as tribunals have proliferated, the complexity of issues they address, procedures they follow and the expertise required for effective participation is also evolving.


Because administrative tribunals can address complex issues, require the review of extensive materials and the proceeding themselves may be difficult to navigate, the services of a competent, well-informed and zealous advocate can be critically important.


Our office can assist with a variety of administrative law areas. To learn more, please select one of the links below. 


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