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wcb appeals

A denied WCB appeal can mean thousands of lost dollars. Our legal team can assist you in drafting and filing your WCB appeal to ensure your income is protected.

If you were denied workers’ compensation benefits or services and wish to appeal, our office can help. Our firm offers a free initial consultation to assess whether your issue is appealable, to explain the Workers’ Compensation Act and WCB’s policies and outline the criteria required for a successful appeal.


Should you decide to retain our firm, we have a low flat fee to review and assess your claim file and provide an opinion on the prospects of an appeal. No further fees are due unless your appeal is successful. Our office will pursue the appeal on a contingency-basis – meaning we charge a portion of your retroactive benefit payment if the benefits are approved. This means our interests align with yours: achieving your maximum entitlement. If we pursue an appeal and do not win, there is no further charge for our services.


Examples of potential appeal issues our office can pursue include:

  • Claim acceptance

  • Temporary or permanent wage loss benefits

  • Lump sum non-economic loss payments

  • Coverage for physical therapy and other medical services

  • Personal care and home maintenance allowances

  • Medical marijuana

  • Recognition of additional injuries on your claim

  • Chronic conditions and workplace diseases


Our experience in workers' compensation appeals means we will guide you step by step through the appeal process.

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