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Drug Offences

From possession to trafficking to cultivation, a drug offence conviction will affect your career, your travel, and your future.

Offences covering the possession, trafficking, cultivation, and importation of drugs are found in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. This area of law has become more complex with the increasing frequency of medical marijuana licenses and usage across Canada. This complexity is expected to only increase with the pending legalization of marijuana.


Many drug cases involve large-scale police investigations, which will include surveillance, sting operations, wiretapping, and search warrants for property, such as a vehicle or a home. With various legal standards applying in every situation, it is important that every aspect of a drug investigation is thoroughly reviewed when crafting your defence.


Our lawyers routinely defend individuals charged with all manner of drug offences. Relying on the rules of evidence, the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, and emphasizing an individuals’ reasonable expectation of privacy, our lawyers have successfully defended clients charged in cases of minor possession and in large-scale, high-profile police operations.


Regardless of the investigative tactics used in your case, our lawyers have the knowledge and skills to help you navigate a successful defence.  Call us today and let us tell you how.

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