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Property Offences

Property offences are  crimes of dishonesty that can have an extremely negative impact on your life, personally and professionally.

Property offences greatly vary in severity, depending on the charge you are facing. Common charges include:

  • Breaking and Entering or Home Invasion

  • Robbery

  • Possession of stolen property

  • Theft over $5,000/Theft under $5,000

  • Theft of a motor vehicle

  • Forgery of a credit card

  • Extortion


Being convicted of any of these offences can result in harsh consequences. A conviction will almost always result in a criminal record and your sentence may include a fine, probation, or jail. Some robbery offences even have a mandatory minimum penitentiary sentence. The Judge may also make ancillary orders for repayment of any monetary losses, a DNA order into a national databank and a weapons prohibition.

Understanding your options, the court procedure, and the law is paramount to launching a successful defence in these cases. As with any case the Crown bears the onus of proving the offence beyond a reasonable doubt and property offences give rise to a variety of issues that can make this a difficult onus to meet.

Your best defence is having someone on your side who can identify these issues and make them work in your favour. Our lawyers know when and how to approach a trial matter, and can identify when it is more prudent to negotiate with the Crown for a favourable resolution, and when to fight all the way to trial.

Our lawyers have successfully helped our clients with hundreds of property related offences and we are confident we can defend you successfully you. Contact our office now and start your legal defence today.

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