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Sexual Assaults

One of the most prejudicial offences you can face, a sexual assault conviction is something that will negatively impact every aspect of your life.

Sexual assault is one of the most serious offences a person may be charged with under the Criminal Code. Men and women from all backgrounds may be accused of sexual assault against adults, teenagers, or children who claim that they did not consent to sexual contact, or are unable to consent due to their age.


Often, these cases will be decided on whether, in light of all the evidence, the complainant did consent to the sexual contact. On many occasions, the accused person will testify in their own defence. If an accused person chooses to testify and to tell their story of what happened, they are subject to cross-examination by the Crown Prosecutor. It is essential that you are prepared for this step, should you choose to take it.


Sexual assault matters customarily involve complicated investigative evidence, including multiple statements made to the police, interrogations,  forensic sexual assault kits, DNA analysis, and photo lineups. In order to successfully defend you against sexual assault allegations, each piece of evidence must be thoroughly examined, so that the expert and civilian evidence may be appropriately challenged in Court. Many sexual assaults also involve pre-trial applications relating to a Complainant’s personal records and prior sexual history. These applications must be conducted carefully, so that the appropriate evidence is presented at your trial.


Given the high stakes involved when you are charged with a sexual assault, your lawyer must be experienced in this area of law. The penalty following a conviction routinely involves a significant period of incarceration ranging from several months to several years in jail. Other orders will usually follow a conviction, such as DNA orders, Sex Offender Registry orders, and orders prohibiting you from attending areas in your community, such as parks and swimming pools.


When your liberty is on the line, you cannot afford to second guess your choice of counsel. Our lawyers have successfully defended people accused of sexual assault, ranging from “minor” sexual assaults with improper touching, to major sexual assaults, where the Crown alleges our clients used violence or weapons to overcome resistance. In every sexual assault defence, our lawyers ensure you are fully protected and prepared for each step of the prosecution, from disclosure review to testifying.


Contact our office today and see how we can help you.

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