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Tim Foster, Q.C.

Timothy E. Foster, Q.C.

Known as one of Canada’s leading authorities on impaired driving defence, Timothy Foster, Q.C., has been a leading member of Alberta’s Criminal Defence bar since 1988. Timothy’s reputation for excellence and professionalism both in and out of Court earned him the distinguished honour of being appointed a member of Alberta’s Queen’s Counsel in 2016.


In his first decade of practice, Timothy built and maintained an influential and successful career in youth criminal defence, providing critical representation to hundreds of young people involved in the Criminal Justice System. When the Youth Criminal Defence Office was created, Timothy turned his attention to adult criminal defence and the ever-changing area of impaired driving defence.


Acknowledged as an expert in the area and qualified to operate any breath-testing instrument in Alberta, Timothy has successfully defended thousands of people charged with impaired driving throughout Canada. Timothy’s expertise is not only sought after by his clients, but also by other counsel. Timothy has presented several seminars to judges and lawyers alike on the intricate and technical nuances of impaired driving defence.

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