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Youth Criminal Offences

As a young person, it is critical for your future that you plan and execute the best defence, including selecting the right counsel for the job.

If you are between the ages of 12 and 17 and you are charged with a criminal offence, then your matters will be prosecuted pursuant to the Youth Criminal Justice Act (YCJA) in addition to the Criminal Code. This means that your matter may be adjudicated by an experienced youth court judge and prosecuted by a specialized youth court prosecutor.


The YCJA specifically provides a number of special rights to young persons charged in Canada. These rules take into account the vulnerability of youths in our society, and their lower degree of culpability and maturity.  They include the right to have a parent present at a police interview, the right to a quick trial, and the right to be represented by legal counsel regardless of income level.


We have defended youths charged with a large range of offences, from theft to sexual assault and first-degree murder. Regardless of the type of offence charged, you want to ensure that your matter is defended rigorously.


Our goal is to assist youths in receiving a resolution that has a minimal impact on their future. We strive to achieve resolutions that result in a withdrawal or stay of the charges, or a sentence that does not result in a criminal record. Should the matter proceed to trial, our lawyers plan a rigorous defence and prepare each of our clients for the ups and downs of trial, ensuring we put their best case forward.

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